What Branding Is And Why Your Business Needs It

Many business owners are confused about when, and if they need to brand their company. How do you know if your business needs to invest in branding? The easiest and quickest way to tell, is if your current marketing materials don’t reflect the true personality of your company. If people keep asking what your company does, or if it takes you more than three sentences to explain to people what makes your company unique, then you need the help of a branding professional.

What is a brand? Your brand is the promise, the big idea and the expectations that live in each person’s mind about your product, service or company. Branding helps to refine and define your business to the point that it takes on a presence and personality of its own.

Some people mistakenly think that their logo is their brand. Although your logo may be the most identifiable aspect of your brand, it is by no means the sum total of it. Your brand is a lot like a book. If the cover is great, people will want to open it and read it. It can help you attract your ideal client buy letting them know who you are, before they buy. A good brand is an authentic expression of the inner essence of your company. You can’t just make it up and expect that customers will believe it. Consumers are savvy. They will see and respond to the truth.

Your true brand will show in every part of your organization, from how people are greeted on the phone, to the buying experience your customers have and how they are cared for after they buy. The perception of your products or services and your company as a whole, all speak volumes about your brand.

If you have already completed the brand process, it is important to keep in touch with whether you are living up to your brand. Make sure that you are living your brand by asking yourself, “What does our business say about us, that we are not aware of?” and “Does the experience our customers get from our company, live up to our advertising claims?”

Often we become so accustomed to running our business that we lose touch with the reason we started our business (the foundation of our brand). By asking these questions we are reconnecting with the reality of what the customer perceives, and monitoring our unconscious communication. Remember, your brand document is a living thing. It should be adapted and refined to keep it up to date. Share it with your employees. Involve them in the process of expressing your brand to your customers.

Brand is the most important commodity of your organization. Inventory comes and goes. Services can be added or dropped according to market demand, but your brand equity is the true value of your company, in real terms. Protecting that equity is vital to the long-term success of your organization. It is also important to know that selling a well branded company can net you up to a thirty percent increase in the sale price over a non branded company. A thirty percent gain in equity is a worthwhile return for branding your business.